Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where in the world have I been??

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy with Girls camp and EFY, but I have grown spiritually from both trips. First at Girls camp we went to the Kern River as a ward where we went white water rafting down the river. The water is so high this year that a lot of people have died, but even without that thought it was ridiculously fun. At girls camp we also went down natural water slides that seemed sort of scary(and FREEZING!!) but in fact were very fun. Here are a few pictures to show what we did:
Right after we came back from Girls camp I flew to Provo,Utah for a fun-filled week at EFY!! EFY stands for Especially For Youth and is a camp that lasts a week and you basically go to different classes to grow stronger in our religion as mormons. During this week you are in different groups consisting of the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. In each group there are probably a little over 200 people, but then you are split up into companies which have about 22-24 people. You normally become more associated with your company rather than your whole group, but it helps you become really close with those 24 people. I went to EFY last year, but I didn't become nearly as close of friends with my company last year as I did this year. Everyone was just so nice this year!! Here are some pictures form the week: