Sunday, August 21, 2011

Everything is Wrong

This Blog just needs a face lift.... Something top spice it up but I'm not quite sure of what yet. So over the next few weeks there will be changes, and with the new year(of school that is) there will be plenty of new plans. Bear with me though :) On a Different Note: I am a babysitter. Can't deny that I spend lots of my nights, and days, babysitting a bunch of different kids. I love it a lot. And some kids just make me laugh so hard. For Example:
These Kids. Aren't they super cute and gorgeous?? Well they seem to be in love with my camera and it keeps them busy so frankly I don't care but sometimes they come up with these cute photos and I keep them and email them to their mother, but here are just a few. Some Awkward and Awesome Adventures I have had from Babysitting...
-Being asked if I had a boyfriend, saying no, then being told I should because it's fun to kiss boys(alright, the awkward part is this girl is only 7)
-Having a 2-year-old boy who was potty training ask me if he can watch how girls use the bathroom when I desperately had to go! (I promise I said no and locked the door)
-walking into a bedroom with one of the girls I'm babysitting to find a bunch of Big Time Rush posters all over her wall and (unthinkingly) blurt out "Oh my gosh this one is sooooo attractive"...All I could tell myself was think before we speak Mackenzie...
-The kids making their own lunch
-Eating Dino chicken nuggets for dinner, of course with a side of watermelon :)
-Teaching some kids how to make a banana split (Trying to make their dessert as healthy as possible)
-Having a gorgeous baby girl scream at the top of her lungs for 2 hours while you babysat her, but stopping right before her parents came home( alright that one isn't awesome, but rather HORRIBLE) - Having a cute little 3-year-old tell me they are ready for nap time and letting me tuck them in before they go to sleep
- Putting kids to bed is my absolute favorit ehting to do, mainly because they are so cute
Anyways, that's all I have for you right now so enjoy them!

Date Night.. Well as close as it gets

Saturday night is reserved for me and my sister(pictured below) as DANCE NIGHT!! Whoop-Whoop! Well just yesterday, our Grandpa decided to take my younger brother and sister fishing which led Madalyn and I begging my parents to take us with them on their little date... They finally agreed so we started the night with a movie at a theatre where we saw "Sarah's Key". Highly Recommended.
Being me, I ALWAYS HAVE to make things completely interesting and decided against taking pictures of the bathroom this time(Although the paintings on the mirror were pretty humorous). This theatre had their fair-share of old people and definitely tried to cater to them-whether it was the small theatres where no stairs are required to get to your seat, the mints they have for you as you leave the theatre, or the hand lotion in the bathroomyou can tell the workers are al very nice. It was my first time going to this theatre though so I was obliged to take pictures:
Madalyn and I
My Mom and I: (We looking freakishly similar in this picture) Remember in one of my last posts where I shared my Love for Harbor House?? Well Me and my Best Friend Emily decided we would have a little Pre-dance dinner. We invited my other Friend Matthew and that night we all stuffed ourselves with yummy shakes, deliscous food, and fun looking posters all over the walls(I've decided I'm going to make my bedroom freaking awesome looking by putting sign up everywhere). Can't you just see the excitement all over my face?!
Me sporting my new Sperry's that I am so excited about because they are just that HAWT :)
Yes, Madalyn is my sharing buddy.. If it weren't for her I would be ridiculously fat right now
P.S. The Dance was REALLY fun, even though I have no proof
P.P.S Yes, that is nail polish on the table.. I felt obligated to paint my nails after a random couple kept staring questioningly at our table
P.S.S My shoes may be cute, but they made me feel old at the theatre where a bunch of old people had similar looking Sperry's.. And my shoes sadly have failed me by making me slip and fall during the dance :'(
P.P.S.S. Don't you think that white pants just look really cool in the dark?? Because I do and I am glad that I wore them for the dance

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It all Ended...

On July 15th at 12:01 and it was a very sad moment. Harry Potter has officially ended! After 8 long movies, it's officially over.
No, I will not being going to another Harry Potter Premiere.
Yes, I would really enjoy going to yet another premiere
The few times I've gone to a Harry Potter premiere I always go with my Favorite family(besides my own) the Bakers. They truly are amazing fans, and even had a sweet kick-off party the Saturday before where I dressed up as Luna Lovegood(sorta). It turned out like this:
So when we go to a premeiere there aren't just a few people, but rather the WHOLE ENTIRE theatre are out friends, and people we know. It's really cool just to realize you basically bought out the theatre, I know it's the only time that will ever happen for me. So at a premiere everyone pushes and shoves to get a good seat (ha. people are crazed by HP) and I ended up sitting by these two lovelies:

(Sheryl Hubbard and Emily Baker) I also was lucky enough to attend the Harry Potter Premiere of Part 1! To be completely honest I had only seen bits and pieces of the 1st few movies, but never a full one(I know I'm a fake fan) but I've seen every movie now!! And I'm starting to read the books, so I feel like a semi-real fan now. That premiere my friend Emily and I were together the whole time, but after the picture of us sitting down was taken we moved to somewhere cooler(ha. I only say that because we were by the parents). Here we are:

Check out this Beauty

This girl right here is my all time best friend. She has the craziest/coolest style, and I will admit she has helped me develop mine! (btw I think Fall this year is all about different band tshirts made cute with jewelry, sweaters, and flannels for me) Anyways, I love her to death and am super sad because she is moving to San Jose next week!! I'm gonna miss her and her awesomeness entirely, and I might possibly suffer from a minor concussion, but no big deal right?
Here we are in our Gloriousness at EFY this Summer:
And here we are on our Biology trip to the San Diego Zoo this past June:
I'm gonna miss her and her style inspiration so much this upcoming high school year! She and I met last Summer playing Volleyball for high school, and we realized we had been on the same tour(it was a 2 family tour) in February of the school. It's pretty neat looking back and remembering the different dances we were both at, and trying to remember if we had seen eachother or danced with eachother's friends. P.S. if anyone was wondering, she is single at the moment :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Cause it's Summer...

The Beach. The Sand. The Waves. The Sound. The Air. The Smell. The Laughter. The Games. The Friendship. The Sports. The Freedom. The Sun. The Weather. The Shorts. The Dresses. The Love. The People. The Colors. The Ice Cream. The Sandals. The Sunglasses. The Hats.
I ABSOLUTELY AM FREAKING IN LOVE WITH SUMMER!!! The Whole Deal, not just part of it, but the whole entirely season.
Because I've been the biggest slacker ever known to walk this earth(hehe I'm kiddin) I thought i would share with you a few summer memories I caught on film, or the handy-dandy digital camera that I sometimes want to kill.
1. Pardon My Immodesty
but check out these beauties!! When I found these in my madre's closet one day I about died. These lovely overalls make me feel like I'm in some Jenny Craig commercial saying: "I Just Lost 76lbs." To tell you the truth I have not been losing weight, but rather gaining it :(
(With the way I eat it is hard not to ha.)
2. Lovely Posters like these...
After a lovely day at the beach, I headed to Harbor House(a truly magnificent diner, if your ever in the area you should go there!) with a friend where we love looking at all the different posters as we eat our yummy, fattening food.. This one happens to say Destiny, which is a vital point used in many of the arguements I win 3. Teaching my Brother the Art of Photography...
and finding a picture like this(fantastic) taken by Him(a 9-year-old boy). I think he has a hidden talent because that picture was definitely not planned at all. The lighting is making me "green with jealous rage"-FAST: anyone know the quote? ANSWER: Hot Rod! AKA greatest (mormon) movie alive, but really it isn't a mormon movie 4. This No Makeup Goodness... This picture is definitely not the cutest but it shows my lovely freckles, lightened hair, and no makeup.. all results of the summer! Whoever wears makeup during summer is crazy, when your a real californian you take everyday you can get to go makeup free(which isn't always the best look for me)
5. Bathroom Pictures in Palm Springs...
ha. So basically I can't explain my love for this bathroom. Everytime my fam stays at this resort it's pretty normal for me and my sis to spend half the time in this sweaty, steamy, hot bathroom(which is half indoors and half outdoors.. Cool I know). Just one of the pictures we took after a lovely shower in the bathroom, yes that lovely lookin lady in the red bathin suit would be me
I have plenty more pictures to share eventually, but for now I'll take it a lil bit at a time... heading on a HUGE, GNARTATIOUS trek tomorrow after I hit up my skills at some volleyball yet again, maybe I'll actually be awake this time.. hmmm

I have something I Moustache you but I'll shave it for later

Mormon Moustache Mania!!! Can you say Heaven??
This past Saturday there was (yet another) stake dance in my area. This time it was Laguna Niguel(Which always had EXQUISITE themes... ex. duct tape). So basically this Saturday everyone at the dance was a man, and I mean literally. If you "dressed up" as a girl, it was just socially unacceptable and unheard of. BUT then there's me, and I guess I'm just a socially awkward person because I grow my beard on my shirt and not my face(How do people find that so weird??).
ANYWAYS, it was a moustache themed dance!! And by far my favorite of the summer(which isn't hard to be my favorite since it was the 1st one I've been to all summer... weird, i know).
For the dance me and mi madre decided to find some shirts for me and mi hermana(that means sister) to wear to the dance. So basically we never go to Walmart but we tried it anyway, and found success!! With only a few cuts to the shirt, and a little felt, we made wonderful and homemade tshirts!!!
This is what it originally looked like:
After all the Designing:
And this is the shirt in action(well partially, i guess we are all leaning against a wall):
Thank you to my Mom and these lovely people to take a picture with me so it would look like I have friends!!
Disclaimer: I just lied to you. Those are just 4 of my friends. I have bunches. I'm not bragging or anything though.