Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spreading the Gospel One Prayer at a Time...

About a week ago I was babysitting my neighbors, like a normal mormon teen would do obviously. It was a pretty easy job: reading, brushing teeth, praying, and going to bed. I didn't realize that praying could take so long to debate about. These kids are 3&5 and they remind me of myself almost. I've never really had a non-member babysitter babysit me, so it was never a problem to "teach" the babysitter how to pray. Anyways, these kids go around and they all say a prayer starting with "Dear Jesus..." Well they came to me and wanted me to say a prayer. I of course start with the traditional "Dear Heavenly Father" and I didn't just end it with amen, I said "In the name of Jesus Christ, amen". These kids thought I was absurd though and fought me against the prayer after I said it. I'm grateful for this experience because of 2 things. First, I was able to share with them the importance of praying to Heavenly Father. Second, I was able to think about and remember why we pray to Heavenly Father. I truly am grateful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. Praying to my Heavenly Father gives me peace and comfort with my trials. I know that if I put my trust in the Lord I will be able to acheive even the hardest of trials. I love my Savior Jesus Christ!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Where I am headed..

Growing up as a Mormon my biggest dream was to be headed to the temple. It was and still is my "castle". I always have a picture of the temple in my view, so that the world won't take away that dream from me. When I get married to a worthy man in that castle, I want him to share the same standards as me. One thing I really look for in a guy is their values. Three of the BIGGEST values a worthy husband of mine should and will possess are: 1. The importance of Education- Without education my dad would not have a nice job to support his family, and one day I want my husband to be able to support our family. 2. Integrity- Me and my friends have the saying of "Honest is Hottest" and I can tell you that this is true, nobody gets hurt if you are just honest with yourself and everyone else. 3. The importance of holding to your Standard-If my future husband does not hold to standards as a child I can't trust he will hold our kids to them either, and that can just end horribly. Now I'm definitely not getting married anytime soon, but if I don't stand for something now, I'll fall for anything later!!

Total Norm for the Morm

Is it just me or does it seem like the whole world knows about Mormons?? Today I found myself sitting in English class discussing the classes we would take next year. My teacher was blabbing on about the importance of taking a zero period if you don't have enough credits so far. Next thing you know she is pointing me out to the whole class telling them I am Mormon and I probably won't take a zero period even if I need credits because I take seminary. Sometimes I wonder if these teachers purposely say things like that so some people will ask questions about the church, but then I realize they are just simply trying to tell me not to be hard on myself. Either way, I definitely took the opportunity after class to answer a few questions about seminary for a few students. My testimony on seminary is really simple: just listen. At the beginning of the year I thought of it as social hour, and I definitely treated it like that too. After one of our subs questioned us saying "what's the point of waking up early if you aren't even going to learn?" I decided to listen and he is so right!! I know that if you listen to the scriptures being taught in seminary you WILL learn things of great importance to your life. I know that this gospel really helps us, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, strive to become better people and live with Heavenly Father again.