Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to throw the BEST Mormon Party... For Teens

DISCLAIMER: These Photos are in NO specific order
Being 16 is a pretty big deal. I went back and forth on having a Sweet 16, but ultimately decided it would be a great idea. One thing about Mormon parties is that everyone in the ward helps each other out, and people rarely spend over $400. But with this party, it was a little difficult to keep under budget at first, but eventually we made it. Here is how any person can throw the perfect party for a teenager(especially if you are Mormon):
1. PhotoBooths
Normally these are a little more traditional, but since they are so expensive, a guy in my ward set up the stuff we needed for our Roadshow pictures(a play my church is putting on). He is also a photographer, so he decided to just take picture of us and give them to my family on a CD. They turned out amazing!!
2. Great People
With just the right people, you can start a marshmallow war, or take some totally fantastic her-clicking photos.
3. An Amazing DJ(this guy happens to be one of my really close friends, friends)
Music is the most important part in setting the "mood" of the party. Make sure to pick music that is fun, and that everyone will want to dance to. My new friend, Travis, did a fantastic job!
4. Make sure to invite all of your friends!
You don't want anyone to feel left out do you??
(A random picture of me on my actual birthday with my cake)
5. What party doesn't end with planking??
Make sure to have a camera to take random shots like this one:
(On my actual birthday, my best friend dropped balloons off for me. Yes, I am in my Pajamas after a shower.. Who cares?)
6. Always make sure you have some sort of theme
I prefer just having a color scheme, so I went with blue and silver this time. I like having cute/classy decor.
(An one last picture of my great friend, Brandt)
Now, this cost of this party was NOT bad at all. Here are the totals:
DJ- $150
Photo Booth- $40
Food- $50
Balloons- $30
Great Time- FREE
See? cheap and easy. Now go throw yourself the PERFECT party!

The past 3 days...

I've been super busy, but here are days 18,19 and 20 is a letter from my cousin while he is on his mission.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Being Sixteen...

Sometimes I think about my life. Today I have thought about it a lot today. As of today at 11:58pm, I will be 16 years old. For some reason, this birthday has made me think a lot about the decisions I have made in my life. Being Mormon, 16 is a HUGE year. You can finally date boys... yes, real life boys!! To be honest, I didn't necessarily "date" but I have had a few guy friends whom I have had a "thing" with(basically an innocent way of saying you are going out). I never thought much of it, and we never did anything bad. I was with a guy, and ended things with him because I felt the need to keep the standards I set for my life when I was younger. I was really glad I made that decision, but looking back today, I wish I had never made the decision to like any boy at all. Now that I can date, I am extremely excited to go out and get those boys to ask other girls on dates but to be honest, it would have been the greatest JOY to be able to say "Yes! I can finally go on dates since I've never done anything like it before!" So if there is one thing I learned from this whole Sixteen-years-of-age experience, it's that you need to follow the standards. I know they lead to true joy and happiness when the time comes when you are able to finally enjoy whatever you refrained from in the beginning. Well, now that we got the seriousness out of the way... I'm SIXTEEN years old!!! Which means I'm gonna go kiss some random guy(ha. ha. Jut kidding, that's Disgusting). If you wanna check out some cute pictures of me as a child, go over to my mom's blog and look at this post.
Now, I can officially date these boys ;)
I'm gonna go practice for my driving test now!! I better pass :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What makes me happy...

Are cute little babies that keep me busy during a long baptism and wedding ceremony at the church today. And to think I didn't want kids for the longest time..

Self Portrait

This was my first time running on Friday since November. It felt good, until I became sore today

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bathroom remodel

I absolutely love interior design. And lately, I have been remodeling my bedroom and bathroom that haven't been touched in 6 years at least. Everyday I come up with a new idea for my bedroom, so even though I started it at least a year ago I am just now about to finish it. But because my bathroom bores me, I decided to finish hanging some photos today on the beige walls in my bathroom.
These frames were from our previous want to remodel the bedroom, and then we decided to go with a different style of design. I love the quick and easy pop of color adds from the frames and the sign I made at Girls Camp 2 years back.
Now all I need ate matching towels and a new rug on our tile because it's freezing at 5:30 in the morning. Enjoy!


I made it all by myself for our family.


I be using my voice to sing some bea-you-tiful music

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your view today...

I be loving me some reading in between finals


Officially February.
Officially my Birthday Month.
Officially the month of LOVE.
Officially doing this photo-a-day challenge.

Although its the last day o January...

I haven't finished posting pictures, or even taking them. This week has been laid back though so I've been wearing tshirts...

Shirt:Cotton-On Necklace:Gift Tank Top:Anthropologie