Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Post Where I Share Our Most Recent Family Trip

I have lived in Southern California my whole life, and I can honestly say that I had never done/seen any of the touristy things. Since my family didn't go on a separate family vacation this year, my mom texted me one day and told me to leave the next weekend open for a quick little trip. We did so many fun things! Who cares that it was practically over 100 degrees the whole time and we were sweating like crazy, it was still super fun!

My dad took me and my brother and sister to a Dodger game our first night in LA. I think our favorite part was riding the redline there, and then taking a bus from their to the stadium. Me and my sister were forced to sit in the back of the bus with a bunch of guys around us. They were super funny and kept asking the awesomest questions, so we didn't protest.
Our first Dodger game!
The next day, we woke up early and headed over to Universal Studios! None of us had been, so we were pretty stoked to try out all of the rides. My dad, brother, and I had gone in November of last year to the Universal Adventure Park in Florida(just to see Harry Potter world) but never here.

The Transformers ride was by far the best
We took a little trip to London while there ;)
Our motto in life
The Olympics 2012
Obviously I'm a model.. who am I kidding, Im horrible at picture taking

But our whole family are models, obviously

Day 2 we decided to go visit all of the random places in LA that are famous for something. We started with the stars and ended with China Town! It was equally as fun, and tiring.

Olivera Street was very pretty and hot

We ate early for some AC haha

I HAD to visit the 500 Days of Summer bench, I don't think you guys know
 the extent of my obsession.. Nobody is as obsessed as I am
I found a new job.. No more babysitting for me, it's all about storytelling
Sprinkles ice cream! The verdict: My red velvet was
delicious, but I guess the other flavors were just alright 
The Parentals, and my photography skills
Typical family shot, except without Meredith

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Basic Essentials: Summer Edition

As I write this, I'm rocking my Dad's "Someone in California loves me sweatshirt", my mustache boxers, and polka dot knee high socks- but I promise I do have style! And today I am here to share my Summer basics.

First- My amazing $4 mexican satchel
This is my favorite bag in the whole world. It seriously holds everything. I bring it everywhere. I can use it on a bike ride or just a trip to the beach(it holds my towel).

Second- My $4 sunglasses from Charlotte Russe
I don't usually shop here but my sister had a gift card so we went in the store and I found this style of sunglasses that I had been looking for everywhere. So of course my sister loves me and bought them for me. I like them better than my $180 Oakleys.

Third- Colorful rubber bands
I used to hate to put my hair up, but with Summer this year I have put it up more than I've had it down. Having these neon bands help make an outfit more fun when you have them on your wrist too.

Fourth- My $10 Target sandals
I love these things. They are so comfortable, and with the design on them they sort of add a touch of style to a basic summer outfit. I feel like everyone needs at least one cute pair of sandals.

Fifth- High waisted patterned shorts
These shorts are my favorite. Summertime is the time where I feel it is acceptable to wear solid color shirts, so these shorts add a touch of flare. Also, being high waisted, they are super comfortable.

Sixth- A cute wallet
I recently switched over to this wallet when my friend brought it back from London for me. I love it, and being from London nobody has it. It's always easier to just carry your phone and a wallet places, but it makes it better when the wallet adds to the outfit.

Seventh- The perfect gold watch
I have been looking for a perfect watch for almost a year now, and I finally found "the one". I found it at Nordstroms so I automatically became a little sad(thinking it would be ├╝ber expensive) but luckily is was only $18!! I really wanted a Marc Jacobs one but wasn't ready to spend over $100 dollars. I think this is a perfect alternative.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Perfect Summer

This summer has been absolutely fantastic. I've spent it babysitting and hanging out with friends. I've also been going to the temple every week because it was one of my goals. It has been a great time.
I've met so many smart two year olds, and I've definitely been able to improve on my mothering skills for the future.

My best friend and I have been going on trips opposite weeks of each other, so I hadn't seen her in 3 weeks until Monday and so we celebrated hanging out with ice cream and Popsicles, vey typical of us. Now she's off in Hawaii enjoying the sun as I stay here mostly babysitting so I can save money to go to Hawaii next year.

The temple is a great place. I am Mormon, and we believe in the Plan of Salvation where after we die everyone who wasn't a member of our church can become baptized. But since their bodies are no longer able to be baptized, we go to the temple to become baptized for them. It's kind of confusing but if you go on you can learn more about it.

I hope everyone is having a great summer as well!!

So this beach we went to is really lame, and shouldn't even be considered a beach anymore, we only go there for bonfires because there is grass. I think that's why it says kooks? 

Sour Patch Popsicles are the best