Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember 6 months ago??

When I told you about my bedroom remodel?? Well I have officially finished four parts of this very large remodel. I have before pictures, but I haven't completely finished yet so I do not have after pictures.
Part 1: Clean out the crap all over the room
Part 2: Get rid of the Justin Beiber cutout my sister loved
Part 3: REPAINT(we had yellow/being walls, and reprinted to a bright blue. It was a big change, but I love it)
Part 4: Reposition our furniture and put it back against the walls
Part 5: Hang up some pictures and ad the decor(we are only partially done with this part)

Once we are completely finished I will post the before and after pictures, but for right now here is a sneak peek:

Day 13

I actually dressed up today

Dress-Old Navy Jacket-Papaya Tights-Forever 21 Boots-DSW Necklace-Gift

Screwed for Finals

Wow it's been awhile! And there is only one day left in the month. I'm having difficulty remembering to take pictures of my outfits so I don't have enough pictures to finish yet but I might post them after finals week!! Which is that week... Wish me luck

Shirt:Old Navy Pants:Target Jacket:Papaya Shoes:Sperry's Necklace:Gift

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What do you do when your bored??

I like to drink milk. Well actually, I absolutely don't like milk. I do like making milk mustaches though!! I had quite a fun time with them too...


Shirt-Gap Blazer-Gap Pants-Oakley Shoes-Vans Necklace-Mom's

Once(11 in Spanish)

I'm getting bored of taking pictures of my clothes...

Shirt-Charlotte Russe Sweater-Gap Boots-Boutique Pants-Target Necklace-Gift

Day 10

It's super cold outside now. I really don't like trying to look cute when it's cold because a lot of times you just wear a coat.
I love my leather jacket, so I wore t with this blue shirt for some color. And the necklace to add more texture with the lace.

Jacket-Papaya Shirt-Nordstroms Necklace-Charlotte Russe Pants-Target Shoes-Sperry's

Where the hot guys sing gorgeous up high...

This concert was by far amazing.

5 great bands performed.
4 amazing tshirts were bought.
3 gorgeous girls loved every minute.
2 hawt singers helped us fall in love.
1 great and almighty band helped us stay strong with their absolutely invigorating music, as always.

Some highlights:

Finally caught up

Today's a holiday, so that means I have caught up with every school day since January started.

Last week I went to a concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Paradise Fears, The Cab, The Summer Set, Days Difference, and He is We performed. My sister, her friend, and I went to see He is We, but also ended up falling in love with the main singer of Paradise Fears. That night we bought, yet another, He is We shirt and wore it to school the next day. Here is the outfit I put together for it:

Pants-Charlotte Russe Shirt-Concert Sweater-Gap Necklace-Gift Shoes-Vans

Day 8

I love wearing skirts, and red. I normally wear this skirt to church though because it is a little too formal, but today I decided to wear it with a jean shirt to play off of it. I also needed to add some pattern to help pull the outfit together. That is where the belt comes in. You could also add a scarf since it is winter. That's another thing! In Southern California it is starting to get cold, almost too cold. Enjoy the outfit!

Shirt-Heritage Skirt-Thrifted Belt-F21 Shoes-Sperry's

Saturday, January 14, 2012

School Day 7

I went to a concert on the day I wore this outfit. It was right by Disneyland, so I decided to dress nice and warm just in case. It was cold outside but not inside so it wasn't too bad.

All I wore was a sweater, which I've already worn this month with my red/orange pants, but either way I like it. And I wore my knee length boots with mustard yellow leg warmers. I like the effect of the yellow popping out of the back of my boots.

Sweater-Gap Pants-Target Boots-Vintage Legwarmers-H&M Necklace-Santa

Dia seis

It's getting cold in the mornings now!! Which means I often go to school with sweaters now. Here is my outfit for today. I apologize because I am horrible at posting everyday, and I keep forgetting to take pictures of my outfits but I will put them back on to take pictures.

This sweater is kind of boring, and I really wanted to wear a floral scarf with it but I didn't have one. I'm going to buy one soon though. So instead of wearing regular jeans with this sweater, I decided to wear white capris. This is my outfit for the day.

Sweater-Old Navy Pants-Old Navy Necklace-Nordstroms Shoes-Old brown Vans Belt-Gap

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 5

Today I had another fashion day! Actually, I take a picture of my outfit everyday after school. But I really wasn't into finding something cute to wear today so I paired a plain white tshirt with a blazer to change the look up from being a plain shirt. I also added the necklace for a nicer look. I love these Vans too... Because they look like corduroy but the really aren't. Any questions about the outfit??

A Book Review I have been dying to Share

Matched by Ally Condie is one of the BEST books you could read. The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking it was almost as good as Hunger Games. But by the end of the book, Hunger Games was not beat of course.
Either way this book is amazing. I couldn't do anything else until I finished it. I have read a few other books by this author and I really like her other books too, so it proves that she is a really good author. She shares the same religion as me, so a lot of her books are really inspiring to me in an ethical view.
I have heard this book is amazing for quite a long time but there are no bookstores around my town so I just said I would read it if it was presented to me. Well, somehow my mom knew about me wanting to read this book so she bought it for me for Christmas. I read it literally all Christmas day and couldn't even shower until I finished it.

So to start off the actual "review" part, I am obsessed with Ky. At the beginning of the book, I was absolutely in love with Xander. Especially because he is blonde with blue eyes and reminds me a lot of my best friend. By the end of the book though, I found myself wanting a boyfriend/Future Hubby exactly like Ky. The ending of the book kind of made me sad though. It became kind of weird the whole idea of it. And to be honest, I wasn't sure I would like the second book.

Crossed though is absolutely fantastic as well. I just haven't finished it yet. I recommend this book to anyone though!! So go out and buy yourself this book or borrow it from a friend cause I guarantee they have read it, and you will love it!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashion Advice Day Cuatro

I'm finally caught up on last week of school!! I wore a "california" sweater again. It has holes all over it so the wind blow through it, and feels absolutely amazing!!

When I was younger I hated pearls, I still sorta do. To me they are "old people" jewelry, but I really needed a way to mix up this sweater. Therefore I tried this cool twist on a pearl necklace and ended up loving it! I also added boots and dark jeans to add to the effect.

I am beyond obsessed with these boots. I don't spend money on shoes really(which would explain why I am dying to buy hunters but won't pay the price). Something about it jut doesn't make sense to me. However I really wanted knee-boots and I found these for $35 so I ha to buy them. I mean come on! I could buy similar ones for $80 or just buy these. I am so glad I bought them too because I wear them too much.

Sweater-Old Navy Tank top-Aeropostale Jeans-Target Boots-Boutique(honestly it was some random place in a ghetto mall nearby) Necklace-Kohls(I think)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finally sharing my New Years Resolutions

I've been thinking about these for awhile so I'm hoping they are good.

1. Stop being such a flirt and stick with one guy.

2. Read at least 25 books of my choosing. (p.s. I have already read 2 almost 3)

3. Become more musically talented. I use to be very musical but over the years I've stopped.

4. Be better at serving willingly

5. Show friendliness to all people.

6. Be nicer to my family

7. Get good grades

8. Become a more positive person and influence.

9. Work out loads, and acquire a love for running

10. Become a way better scripture reader and prayer sayer

Wish me luck this year! ;)

Some quotes I want to go through my life remembering..

School Day Volume 3

Today I took it a little low-key. I still rarely like wearing plain shirts though, so a cardigan helps add that extra "effect". I have NEVER been into animal prints either. When I found this shirt real cheap and bought it, I was extremely confused as to why I decided to spend my money on it. I have worn it twice though, and have liked it both times. I also love my little necklace my mom got me for Christmas. It goes with everything.

Shirt-Old Navy Cardigan-Shade Pants-Target Shoes-Vans(not shown) Necklace-Gift

Fashion Day 2

So since this new year has started, I have taken pictures of the outfits I have been wearing every day to school. After a full month of school, I am hoping to notice that I don't wear the same outfit twice. I'm recommending this to anyone who does not know how to take the same item and wear it in multiple ways. I am going to try to post my outfit everyday, but as you can tell already, I'm a wee bit behind. By January 31st though I will have every school day outfit posted, and maybe a few church/ Saturdays.

For my second day of Fashion, my first being posted yesterday. I took a traditional blazer, and paired it with the sparkly shirt. It tones down the party style of the shirt, and makes it a little dressy. Just to make sure it wasn't too formal though, I paired it with typical jeans and converse. I like the grubby and formal style put together.

Blazer-Gap Shirt-Forever 21 Pants-Charlotte Russe Shoes-High top grey converse Necklace-Banana Republic