Monday, January 30, 2012

Remember 6 months ago??

When I told you about my bedroom remodel?? Well I have officially finished four parts of this very large remodel. I have before pictures, but I haven't completely finished yet so I do not have after pictures.
Part 1: Clean out the crap all over the room
Part 2: Get rid of the Justin Beiber cutout my sister loved
Part 3: REPAINT(we had yellow/being walls, and reprinted to a bright blue. It was a big change, but I love it)
Part 4: Reposition our furniture and put it back against the walls
Part 5: Hang up some pictures and ad the decor(we are only partially done with this part)

Once we are completely finished I will post the before and after pictures, but for right now here is a sneak peek:

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