Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finally sharing my New Years Resolutions

I've been thinking about these for awhile so I'm hoping they are good.

1. Stop being such a flirt and stick with one guy.

2. Read at least 25 books of my choosing. (p.s. I have already read 2 almost 3)

3. Become more musically talented. I use to be very musical but over the years I've stopped.

4. Be better at serving willingly

5. Show friendliness to all people.

6. Be nicer to my family

7. Get good grades

8. Become a more positive person and influence.

9. Work out loads, and acquire a love for running

10. Become a way better scripture reader and prayer sayer

Wish me luck this year! ;)

Some quotes I want to go through my life remembering..

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