Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fashion Day 2

So since this new year has started, I have taken pictures of the outfits I have been wearing every day to school. After a full month of school, I am hoping to notice that I don't wear the same outfit twice. I'm recommending this to anyone who does not know how to take the same item and wear it in multiple ways. I am going to try to post my outfit everyday, but as you can tell already, I'm a wee bit behind. By January 31st though I will have every school day outfit posted, and maybe a few church/ Saturdays.

For my second day of Fashion, my first being posted yesterday. I took a traditional blazer, and paired it with the sparkly shirt. It tones down the party style of the shirt, and makes it a little dressy. Just to make sure it wasn't too formal though, I paired it with typical jeans and converse. I like the grubby and formal style put together.

Blazer-Gap Shirt-Forever 21 Pants-Charlotte Russe Shoes-High top grey converse Necklace-Banana Republic

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