Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Adventure at Mormal..

Mormal was the absolute best. I had never been before, but seriously, it was amazing. About 4 days before the big night, one of the dad's in our group sent out a mass itinerary. Boy was it ridiculous(like a good ridiculous, not bad). It had everything we were doing from the time we met at 3:45pm until we came home at 1am. The basic agenda included:
Pictures in Laguna Beach at a restaurant
Pictures at the art gallery next door
Pictures in this alleyway in Laguna Beach
Eat at the restaurant we took pictures in
Eat delicious and nummy Gelato in Laguna Beach
Then we finally go to the dance
We ended up taking some pictures outside of the dance, which was at the beautiful SOCA University
Leave early from the dance to go Cosmic Bowling in dresses and suits!
The whole group outside of the dance... It was freezing cold!
My date, Xander, and I
Getting delicious Gelato(Italian Ice Cream)
Xander and I at the art gallery
The whole group at the art gallery(I really liked the effect it added to the pictures)
My date and I at the restaurant
The group having some laughs while the girls have the boys hats on
All of our personalities together
A nice picture of all the girls with the boys hats on
Xander and I
My hair done by one of my good friends Sam
Lexi and I before the dates arrive
It was a crazy night, but so worth being sleep deprived!!
A HUGE thanks to Brother Cook for taking all of the pictures, driving us everywhere, and organizing the whole event. It was an absolutely fantastic night!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Will you...?

In February, I got asked to Mormal(Mormon Formal) by my good friend Xander. I was super stoked when I came home one night to this from him:
He decorated the porch with cookies, Flowers, and a bunch of Lucky Charms that got stuck on the bottom of my shoes
Here was my response:
In the cauldron there were gold coins, and a paper saying YES
Here is a sneak preview of our pictures from last nights amazing Mormal:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do you remember??

Reminds me of that song by Jay Sean. Oh the days when I loved iTunes top 100 songs...

Either way, do you remember my party?? And how we had a photo booth??
Well I made a few collages of the best pictures from the night. Check 'em out: