Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Me Last Summer with Scott Stephan carrying Me across a river on our Stake's Pioneer Trek
Every year I love to do a bunch of random things over Summer, but this year I have been really into going on spontaneous adventures. I mainly go on my adventures with my friend Hayden, who is going up to BYU for college in August. In order to send him off properly, I am determined to go on the most amazing adventures with him before he leaves. I started making a list of things I will do over the Summer, and everyday I have pretty much added something new. I only have 7 days to add new things though!! Here is a preview of a few things I am going to complete:

1. Take a picture in front of Mackenzie St.
2. Wear something belonging to a male figure all day
3. Have a board game party
4. People watch at Disneyland
5. Go to the park and swing on the swings
6. Play a large game of Hide and Go Seek
7. Go to the beach and color with a coloring book and crayons
8. Give a man a manicure
9. Get a milkshake really early in the morning
10. Have a cupcake decorating contest
11. Ride a city bus
12. Have a picnic
13. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
14. Give a random guy a ring pop and ask them to marry you
15. Have a fake marriage at Ikea
16. Go to Old Town Orange
17. Dress up in gnarly costumes and go shopping
18. Go goth far a day
19. Go Fast Food Hopping
20. Go roller skating

These are just a few of our wonderful ideas! I hope they are as fun as they sound.

HA I'm ready for school to end (My 8th grade year, I got voted as most likely to sing on Broadway. Oh and by the way, I made the Chamber Choir at my school next year!!!)

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{head 2 toe} said...

Are you going to EFY this year?!