Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Life's Notes

My EFY Counselor from last year was on So You Think You Can Dance this year

Just a preview of Girls Camp from all last week

Dear Meredith(my sister),
I am so super jealous of you since you were able to sit directly behind Zooey Deschanel during the taping of SYTYCD that you went to. She is my girl crush, and part of my crazy obsession of 500 Days of Summer.

Dear Dirt,
I'm finally free from you!! Long, hot showers are amazing.

Dear Summer,
I finally feel like it's Summer. Which, I am so very grateful for.

Dear San Clemente,
It was nice to visit you again, I miss my old friends.

Dear Large Whiteboards,
You provide hours of entertainment.

Dear Church Leaders,
You are AMAZING!!! I am so grateful for everything you did to help put camp together this year and make it beyond wonderful.

Dear 10 Fingers Game,
I had to play with 5 fingers last night because my friend and I already know too much about each other.  We still never finished the game in 2 hours...

Lots of Love,

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