Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Last night, I was driving home from Disneyland with my sister. We were wishing it was already Summer, and that we would not have to go back to school today when I yelled out "What time is it?" with the response of "Summer time!". We continued to sing a beautiful rendition of the song throughout the quick trip to the store as everyone stared at us. Obviously we are a little excited to be out of school.

This school year though was the best. I learned new things about myself, as well as made friends with people I once disliked for no reason. I mean, I'm good friends with a TALL asian. How many people can say that? Ha. Anyways, through difficult teachers, boredom, and some personal struggles- I came out alive and am ready for a wonderful Summer to prepare for Junior year!

For my first official day of Summer, I'm starting it out with a trip to the temple and I might go try out a new waffle place around us called Bruxie. I'm pretty freaking stoked.

Me during my Theatre Days- Hairspray
Tonight we have our seminary party, and I'm singing at Graduation!! If any of you know me, then you know I used to sing in quite a few choirs and also performed in musical theatre, but through the years I dropped it to pursue sports. Now with a lot of random struggles going on in my life, I have found that singing is my favorite. I'm back to singing in a church choir called OCMCO, you can read what my mom wrote about our concert here. And I am also in my school's chamber choir, which requires that I sing at graduation. Whoop! Now I'm gonna go memorize our new Alma Mater before the big show, the joys of having a semi-new school.

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