Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Life's Notes

Me and My Friends are the coolest/weirdest.. Whichever you prefer

Me as a young babe, It looks like I have orange hair

Dear Last Weekend,
I loved that I could hangout with all of my friends and babysit 3 separate times. I fit everything into my Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday I got my special Joseph of Egypt award at Seminary Graduation.

Dear Girls who are going on their 4th year at girls camp in my stake,
I have some rad things planned for you. Seriously though, you will wonder why everyone thinks the first years are immature, when really it's my friends and I.

Dear School,
I'm really grateful there is only a week left.

Dear Summer,
I would say come faster, but you're coming fast enough... So don't slow down!!

Dear Laundry,
Is there a way you could finish yourself? I would appreciate it.

Dear Baby G,
I died over your cheeks last night even though you did drool and spit up all over me. It was most definitely worth it.

Dear Rube Goldberg Project,
You're dumb.

Dear Everyone,
Have a great week!! And go eat some Waffles.

With much excitement and joy,

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