Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year of 2011...

Was a fantastic year! Here are some pictures to show a basic gist of what I did:
During this month I had some knee problems from jumping some parking barriers in December last year. I was out of Basketball for a few weeks, and I was in Physical Therapy. Luckily, I still got to play for the last 4-5 weeks of season.
This is my birthday month! I didn't get to have a full-on party, but I had a few friends over before a Valentines dance on my birthday.
(Kyle, Celeste, Mckay, Lauren, Savannah)
(From L-R Emily, Mckay, Me, Rachel, Celeste, Brandt, Sam, Matthew, Jacob, Savannah, Abbey)
(The whole crowd...There are too many to name)
This month was so uneventful that I don't have any pictures from it. I did get to hang out with some friends at the Spectrum though. I was sick most of the time from January to March.
April was a busy month because of Spring Break! We started the month off with General Conference, and later a missionary who served in our area a few months back came to visit. During Spring Break, I went to the Zoo with my family, went to Disneyland with friends, and then went to Sky High with my family and some friends. At the end of the month, we had Easter and we decorated eggs.
(All of the Decorated eggs)
(All of my siblings with me in our "Easter best")
(Me and my sister trying on hats at the Zoo)
(Sky High is a trampoline place near my home. You can't see me in the picture, but you can see my sister and Matthew)
During the month of may, my really close friend Savannah had her birthday party at Scooter's Jungle. Here is a picture of everyone at the end.
In June, My biology class went to the Zoo and it was lots of fun. Also, I started modeling for Sun Chips after I worked out with my Volleyball class(just kidding). My sister had her 8th grade dance, and I went to take pictures of her, and ended up having a professional take pictures of me. School Ended!! Which meant SUMMER! And I started Summer with Girls Camp.
(Annika, Celeste, and Me at the Zoo)
(Celeste and I)
(My Modeling Skills)
(One of the pictures I had taken of me)
(My Ward getting ready to leave for Girls Camp)
July started out with my favorite week of every year. EFY! It is the best week of my life because I get to hear very religious talks and meet lots of really cool people who are all a part of the same faith as me. Then at a Church picnic, I got proposed to by my lovely friend Mark. My family then took a trip to Palm Desert where I laid out in the sun too long, and yet I still never became tan. My sister and I had a gnar donut race at my brother's Birthday Party too. My friend Sheryl had a Surprise going away party, because she left us and went to college this year, which was extremely fun. After that was the FINAL Harry Potter movie Premiere, and it was one of my favorite movies. And the whole month ended with the "Mustache Bash Dance".
(Me and My Sister at EFY the first day)
(Me and my lovely counselors from EFY)
(My whole Company with our company poster)
(Mark proposing)
(Tanning Poolside)
(Donuts are kinda gross...but I won)
(Some of the crazy pictures we took)
(Emily, Sheryl, and I at the HP movie premiere)
(Some Scandalous pictures from the dance)
August was started with the Pioneer Trek, which is a replication of when the Mormon pioneers crossed the plains to Utah. We were put into different families that we were supposed to consider our actual families for the week. It was a very spiritual and fun week! Than I helped out my stake in a Volleyball Tourney for our church. I also learned how to wakeboard during a church boating excursion which was lots of craziness.
(My whole family from the trek)
(My dad got to go with my sister and I. Here we are before we got dirty)
(Banana Tube! I was always the one who had to be in the front because I would actually control it)
School Started again! All of my friends and I got to know a new girl from Hawaii that we have become close with. We took some funny volleyball pictures, and I started practicing more with a few girls from my team. Yes, we would get Starbucks after. My sister and I got to take some interesting no-makeup photos in a pretty cool photo booth.
(First Day outfits)
(My lunch table)
(My ridiculous Volleyball team)
(A Starbucks run after some sand volleyball)
HALLOWEEN!! We got to dress up all cute. And earlier in the month, I got to go to Knott's Scary Farm for the first time. It was pretty much a freaking ridiculous night.
(A picture of part of the group that night)
(All of our Halloween Costumes)
My family took a HUGE trip to Florida. We went on an air boat ride, went zip lining, and then some of us went to Harry Potter world. After a few days of that, we went on the new Disney Dream cruise ship for 4 days of fun. I don't have any of those photos yet though so you are stuck with just 2, but maybe I will post them soon.
(Zip lining with the family)
(The Air boat ride)
December started with fun Christmas stuff(oh, and I got sick). But right before break started, I got knee surgery to remove my Plica(props to whoever knows what that is). When we were removing the bandages the day after, there was lots of blood. Then for Christmas Eve we had our traditional Nativity scene, and I was the angel. The costume is just gorgeous, especially with the sweats and my cousins sweatshirt. On Christmas I got new Vans and a cute pillow pet! We were lucky enough to go to church on Christmas this year too, so I got to sing in the choir and everyone got to hear a beautiful program.
(Me at my finest)
(All of the actors)
(My family in our Church clothes. Do you see my brace? I was doing pretty good trying to hide it)
(My Pillow Pet)
This year had been an unforgettable year with lots of fun, love, and drama. I would not change it for anything. I hope this New Year brings all of the same things!! XOXO

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Mom!!

It's my mom's birthday today!! I love her lots and she is truly fantastic. She helps me with everything (including giving me rides to friends houses). I am truly grateful for everything she does for me!!

I hope she likes her new iMac desktop computer that we got her!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Still down for a few more days because of my knee, but you can see the 3 cuts in the picture below If you look really hard... Also, I really want to post some more fashion advice because I have cute clothes now, but I can't fit into jeans still. Only sweats :( but I promise I will with the new year next week!! Being Mormon means you know how to braid your hair anyway, so check out my cute new braids. The one where I braid my bangs back is my typical volleyball game hair.