Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Time..

Now that there is 8 days until Christmas, I thought I would post my Christmas Wish List. So here it is!
1: Some new Vans that feel like corduroy, but are smaller than that
2: Navy blue Hunter rain boots. Only problem is that it rarely rains in California, so it's not worth the moo-lahh!
3: 500 Days of Summer DVD and Soundtrack(my all-time-favorite movie)
4: Hunger Games t-shirts! I really only want 1, but how cute would it be for your boyfriend(or husband) to wear a shirt to the movie premiere on March 23rd with you? :)
5: These Moccasins look so comfy, but I might just have to wait for my birthday to get them
Please remember this Holiday season about the true meaning of Christmas! The joy of our Savior's birth, and everything he did for us while on this earth.
My favorite part of this Holiday season are the pretty Christmas lights, and the beautiful music we sing in church on Sunday

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