Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Thoughts Monday

Today I am mad(slash)scared(slash)stressed(slash)hopeful
This week is the last week of school before Winter Break, so that means LOTS of homework and tests. Needless to say I am pretty stressed about a few tests. It does not help that my computer is not working very properly as well.
I am also completely stressed for FRIDAY. I am an athlete. And part of being an athlete means I have to go through a few occasional injuries in my life. I have been pretty lucky though, and I haven't ever had any major issues until this knee injury.
But being an athlete means that occasionally I have to go through some surgeries, and I am having my first(and hopefully last) surgery on my knee. At first when we scheduled it like 3 months ago I was alright with the idea, but with it so close now, I am getting a little worried.
All next week though I will keep a holiday update with everything I'm thankful for this Holiday season :) and I will post about my magical trip to the WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER and on a wonderful DISNEY CRUISE!!!
(My family right before we got on the Disney Magic back in 2008)

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