Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Life's Notes

My EFY Counselor from last year was on So You Think You Can Dance this year

Just a preview of Girls Camp from all last week

Dear Meredith(my sister),
I am so super jealous of you since you were able to sit directly behind Zooey Deschanel during the taping of SYTYCD that you went to. She is my girl crush, and part of my crazy obsession of 500 Days of Summer.

Dear Dirt,
I'm finally free from you!! Long, hot showers are amazing.

Dear Summer,
I finally feel like it's Summer. Which, I am so very grateful for.

Dear San Clemente,
It was nice to visit you again, I miss my old friends.

Dear Large Whiteboards,
You provide hours of entertainment.

Dear Church Leaders,
You are AMAZING!!! I am so grateful for everything you did to help put camp together this year and make it beyond wonderful.

Dear 10 Fingers Game,
I had to play with 5 fingers last night because my friend and I already know too much about each other.  We still never finished the game in 2 hours...

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Last night, I was driving home from Disneyland with my sister. We were wishing it was already Summer, and that we would not have to go back to school today when I yelled out "What time is it?" with the response of "Summer time!". We continued to sing a beautiful rendition of the song throughout the quick trip to the store as everyone stared at us. Obviously we are a little excited to be out of school.

This school year though was the best. I learned new things about myself, as well as made friends with people I once disliked for no reason. I mean, I'm good friends with a TALL asian. How many people can say that? Ha. Anyways, through difficult teachers, boredom, and some personal struggles- I came out alive and am ready for a wonderful Summer to prepare for Junior year!

For my first official day of Summer, I'm starting it out with a trip to the temple and I might go try out a new waffle place around us called Bruxie. I'm pretty freaking stoked.

Me during my Theatre Days- Hairspray
Tonight we have our seminary party, and I'm singing at Graduation!! If any of you know me, then you know I used to sing in quite a few choirs and also performed in musical theatre, but through the years I dropped it to pursue sports. Now with a lot of random struggles going on in my life, I have found that singing is my favorite. I'm back to singing in a church choir called OCMCO, you can read what my mom wrote about our concert here. And I am also in my school's chamber choir, which requires that I sing at graduation. Whoop! Now I'm gonna go memorize our new Alma Mater before the big show, the joys of having a semi-new school.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Destiny? Fate? True Love.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Mormon. I believe marriage is eternal, and that it is absolutely perfect to be married in the temple to the man you know is right for you.

This is a shirt my friend made me for my birthday last year. I love it.
Every once in awhile I freak out because I don't know how I am feeling. I'm not trying to sound like some freak who has to be aware of everything at all times, but usually I at least like to know how I feel.
Today I am feeling romantic? I don't know what word to use. Now this isn't some "Oh my goodness I love you because you are the perfect boyfriend" kind of feeling, partially because I don't have a boyfriend so that wouldn't really workout. But today I was discussing with one of my really good friends about Destiny, Fate, and True Love.

He and I have always had a connection with these words because for some reason we used to believe that we were perfect for each other. Oh our innocent minds. Frequently, we like to discuss what went wrong in our "relationship" but today we discussed why he doesn't believe in destiny or fate anymore (It's because of me. He even told me if i had asked him a year and 2 weeks ago he would have still believed. Side note: We broke up a year ago last Saturday). He still believes in true love though so he hasn't been completely brainwashed by reality. As for me though, I still like to believe in fairytales(yes, I do know and believe it is completely wrong for me to compare boys to books and TV but I get over it because I want to be a kid again).

I could give you full details as to why my male friend and I are just friends now(which would help you understand why he doesn't believe in destiny and fate anymore), but that is a story that I kind of like to keep secret. Either way though, our relationship went sort of along the same idea as 500 Days of Summer.

Destiny, as most of us know, is believing that something happened for a specific reason. Fate has the same meaning, but he and I have always considered it to have a different meaning, when in our heads the meaning is the same.

Up until recently, he has believed that destiny is meeting the person you were predetermined to be with, then fate would be the part where you get married and finally experience true love. But considering all of the divorces and horrible marriages, he now thinks we choose who we fall in love with.
I still believe there are certain people we are supposed to become matched with. It's destiny that you finally meet "the one", it's fate that you fall in love, an it's true love when the couple decides to work on the relationship for the rest of eternity in order to stay together.

Based off of divorces though, I infer that people forget what it's like to love their spouse as much as they did the day they got married. When we don't remember the happiness, it's hard to stick around for the difficult parts. It's scientifically proven, but I think everyone should work for an eternal marriage and constantly remind their spouse of their wedding day. I'm positive it would help.
I'm pretty sure nobody actually knows, but at the same time, my friend and I are both hopeless romantics who obviously have no lives(considering we were debating this for 2 hours).

What are your thoughts on Destiny? Fate? True Love?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Me Last Summer with Scott Stephan carrying Me across a river on our Stake's Pioneer Trek
Every year I love to do a bunch of random things over Summer, but this year I have been really into going on spontaneous adventures. I mainly go on my adventures with my friend Hayden, who is going up to BYU for college in August. In order to send him off properly, I am determined to go on the most amazing adventures with him before he leaves. I started making a list of things I will do over the Summer, and everyday I have pretty much added something new. I only have 7 days to add new things though!! Here is a preview of a few things I am going to complete:

1. Take a picture in front of Mackenzie St.
2. Wear something belonging to a male figure all day
3. Have a board game party
4. People watch at Disneyland
5. Go to the park and swing on the swings
6. Play a large game of Hide and Go Seek
7. Go to the beach and color with a coloring book and crayons
8. Give a man a manicure
9. Get a milkshake really early in the morning
10. Have a cupcake decorating contest
11. Ride a city bus
12. Have a picnic
13. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
14. Give a random guy a ring pop and ask them to marry you
15. Have a fake marriage at Ikea
16. Go to Old Town Orange
17. Dress up in gnarly costumes and go shopping
18. Go goth far a day
19. Go Fast Food Hopping
20. Go roller skating

These are just a few of our wonderful ideas! I hope they are as fun as they sound.

HA I'm ready for school to end (My 8th grade year, I got voted as most likely to sing on Broadway. Oh and by the way, I made the Chamber Choir at my school next year!!!)

My Life's Notes

Me and My Friends are the coolest/weirdest.. Whichever you prefer

Me as a young babe, It looks like I have orange hair

Dear Last Weekend,
I loved that I could hangout with all of my friends and babysit 3 separate times. I fit everything into my Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday I got my special Joseph of Egypt award at Seminary Graduation.

Dear Girls who are going on their 4th year at girls camp in my stake,
I have some rad things planned for you. Seriously though, you will wonder why everyone thinks the first years are immature, when really it's my friends and I.

Dear School,
I'm really grateful there is only a week left.

Dear Summer,
I would say come faster, but you're coming fast enough... So don't slow down!!

Dear Laundry,
Is there a way you could finish yourself? I would appreciate it.

Dear Baby G,
I died over your cheeks last night even though you did drool and spit up all over me. It was most definitely worth it.

Dear Rube Goldberg Project,
You're dumb.

Dear Everyone,
Have a great week!! And go eat some Waffles.

With much excitement and joy,

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Life's Notes

Weren't we cute as kids??

Dear Weather,
I seriously dislike you. I want it to be sunny, not gloomy and dreadful.

Dear School,
Please end. NOW.

Dear Friday,
You cannot come soon enough.

Dear Grass,
I so not appreciate the cuts i have all over my legs from ice blocking on Saturday.

Dear "Don't Drop That Thun Thun Thun",
You may be a fun song to dance to, but when it comes to everyday life, you suck. It isn't even a good song children.

Dear Freshmen,
Watch out because this girl is a part of LINK CREW next year. Yep, that's right, I will be giving you your tours and all. Enjoy it, please.

Dear Music Lovers,
Watch this and die of love:

Yours Truly

P.S. Only 4 days of Seminary left, and 12 days of school(not all of those are full days either).