Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Destiny? Fate? True Love.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Mormon. I believe marriage is eternal, and that it is absolutely perfect to be married in the temple to the man you know is right for you.

This is a shirt my friend made me for my birthday last year. I love it.
Every once in awhile I freak out because I don't know how I am feeling. I'm not trying to sound like some freak who has to be aware of everything at all times, but usually I at least like to know how I feel.
Today I am feeling romantic? I don't know what word to use. Now this isn't some "Oh my goodness I love you because you are the perfect boyfriend" kind of feeling, partially because I don't have a boyfriend so that wouldn't really workout. But today I was discussing with one of my really good friends about Destiny, Fate, and True Love.

He and I have always had a connection with these words because for some reason we used to believe that we were perfect for each other. Oh our innocent minds. Frequently, we like to discuss what went wrong in our "relationship" but today we discussed why he doesn't believe in destiny or fate anymore (It's because of me. He even told me if i had asked him a year and 2 weeks ago he would have still believed. Side note: We broke up a year ago last Saturday). He still believes in true love though so he hasn't been completely brainwashed by reality. As for me though, I still like to believe in fairytales(yes, I do know and believe it is completely wrong for me to compare boys to books and TV but I get over it because I want to be a kid again).

I could give you full details as to why my male friend and I are just friends now(which would help you understand why he doesn't believe in destiny and fate anymore), but that is a story that I kind of like to keep secret. Either way though, our relationship went sort of along the same idea as 500 Days of Summer.

Destiny, as most of us know, is believing that something happened for a specific reason. Fate has the same meaning, but he and I have always considered it to have a different meaning, when in our heads the meaning is the same.

Up until recently, he has believed that destiny is meeting the person you were predetermined to be with, then fate would be the part where you get married and finally experience true love. But considering all of the divorces and horrible marriages, he now thinks we choose who we fall in love with.
I still believe there are certain people we are supposed to become matched with. It's destiny that you finally meet "the one", it's fate that you fall in love, an it's true love when the couple decides to work on the relationship for the rest of eternity in order to stay together.

Based off of divorces though, I infer that people forget what it's like to love their spouse as much as they did the day they got married. When we don't remember the happiness, it's hard to stick around for the difficult parts. It's scientifically proven, but I think everyone should work for an eternal marriage and constantly remind their spouse of their wedding day. I'm positive it would help.
I'm pretty sure nobody actually knows, but at the same time, my friend and I are both hopeless romantics who obviously have no lives(considering we were debating this for 2 hours).

What are your thoughts on Destiny? Fate? True Love?


from head 2 toe said...

Brigham Young once said something along the lines of "you can have a row of makes and a row of females and make perfect couples as long as they are righteously living the gospel of Christ. " I had a professor at school tell me that. Opened my eyes to so many different people and possibilities. And fairy tales do exsist! :) love ya girl!

Kenzie said...

I love that quote!! It is oh so true as well :) Thank you for telling me that!