How This All Started

I know I'm only a teenager, but writing lets off a lot of stress for me. Growing up I absolutely despised writing. No way was I good at English. It was all writing too, so I was happy when I passed all of middle school with A's. My church likes to stress the importance of writing in a journal though, and after a few years of trying really hard(I promise I tried, and occasionally succeeded but I know I wasn't consistent), I wrote every Sunday in my journal. My favorite part of writing was the stress literally being taken off of me. I'm not sure how all of you felt during your high school education, but I believe us teenagers recieve stress from even the smallest "problems". Something about our hormones probably. Either way though, I loved being able to go back and read in my journal about once a month about everything that had gone on in my life. I was really uplifted by my experiences as well.

Well a few months go by and my cousin leaves on a mission and instead of emailing or writing letters, he decides to just post on a blog about his adventures in South Africa. This got me looking at quite a few blogs, and I decided that I would absolutely love to be able to write a blog, similar to a journal, and be able to share my life lessons with other people. That leads up to today when I write occasionally(I wish I would remember to write more often) and am always striving to teach my followers a few new life lessons of the things teenagers go through in the modern day. Please follow me, and I promise you won't regret it :)
My Family: August 20,2011