Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashion Advice Day Cuatro

I'm finally caught up on last week of school!! I wore a "california" sweater again. It has holes all over it so the wind blow through it, and feels absolutely amazing!!

When I was younger I hated pearls, I still sorta do. To me they are "old people" jewelry, but I really needed a way to mix up this sweater. Therefore I tried this cool twist on a pearl necklace and ended up loving it! I also added boots and dark jeans to add to the effect.

I am beyond obsessed with these boots. I don't spend money on shoes really(which would explain why I am dying to buy hunters but won't pay the price). Something about it jut doesn't make sense to me. However I really wanted knee-boots and I found these for $35 so I ha to buy them. I mean come on! I could buy similar ones for $80 or just buy these. I am so glad I bought them too because I wear them too much.

Sweater-Old Navy Tank top-Aeropostale Jeans-Target Boots-Boutique(honestly it was some random place in a ghetto mall nearby) Necklace-Kohls(I think)

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