Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Basic Essentials: Summer Edition

As I write this, I'm rocking my Dad's "Someone in California loves me sweatshirt", my mustache boxers, and polka dot knee high socks- but I promise I do have style! And today I am here to share my Summer basics.

First- My amazing $4 mexican satchel
This is my favorite bag in the whole world. It seriously holds everything. I bring it everywhere. I can use it on a bike ride or just a trip to the beach(it holds my towel).

Second- My $4 sunglasses from Charlotte Russe
I don't usually shop here but my sister had a gift card so we went in the store and I found this style of sunglasses that I had been looking for everywhere. So of course my sister loves me and bought them for me. I like them better than my $180 Oakleys.

Third- Colorful rubber bands
I used to hate to put my hair up, but with Summer this year I have put it up more than I've had it down. Having these neon bands help make an outfit more fun when you have them on your wrist too.

Fourth- My $10 Target sandals
I love these things. They are so comfortable, and with the design on them they sort of add a touch of style to a basic summer outfit. I feel like everyone needs at least one cute pair of sandals.

Fifth- High waisted patterned shorts
These shorts are my favorite. Summertime is the time where I feel it is acceptable to wear solid color shirts, so these shorts add a touch of flare. Also, being high waisted, they are super comfortable.

Sixth- A cute wallet
I recently switched over to this wallet when my friend brought it back from London for me. I love it, and being from London nobody has it. It's always easier to just carry your phone and a wallet places, but it makes it better when the wallet adds to the outfit.

Seventh- The perfect gold watch
I have been looking for a perfect watch for almost a year now, and I finally found "the one". I found it at Nordstroms so I automatically became a little sad(thinking it would be ├╝ber expensive) but luckily is was only $18!! I really wanted a Marc Jacobs one but wasn't ready to spend over $100 dollars. I think this is a perfect alternative.

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