Monday, February 6, 2012

Bathroom remodel

I absolutely love interior design. And lately, I have been remodeling my bedroom and bathroom that haven't been touched in 6 years at least. Everyday I come up with a new idea for my bedroom, so even though I started it at least a year ago I am just now about to finish it. But because my bathroom bores me, I decided to finish hanging some photos today on the beige walls in my bathroom.
These frames were from our previous want to remodel the bedroom, and then we decided to go with a different style of design. I love the quick and easy pop of color adds from the frames and the sign I made at Girls Camp 2 years back.
Now all I need ate matching towels and a new rug on our tile because it's freezing at 5:30 in the morning. Enjoy!


Becca and Derek said...

LOVE the shilouetes! Those are so cute!

Kenzie said...

Thanks! We made them for YW in excellence this year