Monday, April 18, 2011

Where I am headed..

Growing up as a Mormon my biggest dream was to be headed to the temple. It was and still is my "castle". I always have a picture of the temple in my view, so that the world won't take away that dream from me. When I get married to a worthy man in that castle, I want him to share the same standards as me. One thing I really look for in a guy is their values. Three of the BIGGEST values a worthy husband of mine should and will possess are: 1. The importance of Education- Without education my dad would not have a nice job to support his family, and one day I want my husband to be able to support our family. 2. Integrity- Me and my friends have the saying of "Honest is Hottest" and I can tell you that this is true, nobody gets hurt if you are just honest with yourself and everyone else. 3. The importance of holding to your Standard-If my future husband does not hold to standards as a child I can't trust he will hold our kids to them either, and that can just end horribly. Now I'm definitely not getting married anytime soon, but if I don't stand for something now, I'll fall for anything later!!

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