Sunday, August 21, 2011

Date Night.. Well as close as it gets

Saturday night is reserved for me and my sister(pictured below) as DANCE NIGHT!! Whoop-Whoop! Well just yesterday, our Grandpa decided to take my younger brother and sister fishing which led Madalyn and I begging my parents to take us with them on their little date... They finally agreed so we started the night with a movie at a theatre where we saw "Sarah's Key". Highly Recommended.
Being me, I ALWAYS HAVE to make things completely interesting and decided against taking pictures of the bathroom this time(Although the paintings on the mirror were pretty humorous). This theatre had their fair-share of old people and definitely tried to cater to them-whether it was the small theatres where no stairs are required to get to your seat, the mints they have for you as you leave the theatre, or the hand lotion in the bathroomyou can tell the workers are al very nice. It was my first time going to this theatre though so I was obliged to take pictures:
Madalyn and I
My Mom and I: (We looking freakishly similar in this picture) Remember in one of my last posts where I shared my Love for Harbor House?? Well Me and my Best Friend Emily decided we would have a little Pre-dance dinner. We invited my other Friend Matthew and that night we all stuffed ourselves with yummy shakes, deliscous food, and fun looking posters all over the walls(I've decided I'm going to make my bedroom freaking awesome looking by putting sign up everywhere). Can't you just see the excitement all over my face?!
Me sporting my new Sperry's that I am so excited about because they are just that HAWT :)
Yes, Madalyn is my sharing buddy.. If it weren't for her I would be ridiculously fat right now
P.S. The Dance was REALLY fun, even though I have no proof
P.P.S Yes, that is nail polish on the table.. I felt obligated to paint my nails after a random couple kept staring questioningly at our table
P.S.S My shoes may be cute, but they made me feel old at the theatre where a bunch of old people had similar looking Sperry's.. And my shoes sadly have failed me by making me slip and fall during the dance :'(
P.P.S.S. Don't you think that white pants just look really cool in the dark?? Because I do and I am glad that I wore them for the dance

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