Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Check out this Beauty

This girl right here is my all time best friend. She has the craziest/coolest style, and I will admit she has helped me develop mine! (btw I think Fall this year is all about different band tshirts made cute with jewelry, sweaters, and flannels for me) Anyways, I love her to death and am super sad because she is moving to San Jose next week!! I'm gonna miss her and her awesomeness entirely, and I might possibly suffer from a minor concussion, but no big deal right?
Here we are in our Gloriousness at EFY this Summer:
And here we are on our Biology trip to the San Diego Zoo this past June:
I'm gonna miss her and her style inspiration so much this upcoming high school year! She and I met last Summer playing Volleyball for high school, and we realized we had been on the same tour(it was a 2 family tour) in February of the school. It's pretty neat looking back and remembering the different dances we were both at, and trying to remember if we had seen eachother or danced with eachother's friends. P.S. if anyone was wondering, she is single at the moment :)

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