Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have something I Moustache you but I'll shave it for later

Mormon Moustache Mania!!! Can you say Heaven??
This past Saturday there was (yet another) stake dance in my area. This time it was Laguna Niguel(Which always had EXQUISITE themes... ex. duct tape). So basically this Saturday everyone at the dance was a man, and I mean literally. If you "dressed up" as a girl, it was just socially unacceptable and unheard of. BUT then there's me, and I guess I'm just a socially awkward person because I grow my beard on my shirt and not my face(How do people find that so weird??).
ANYWAYS, it was a moustache themed dance!! And by far my favorite of the summer(which isn't hard to be my favorite since it was the 1st one I've been to all summer... weird, i know).
For the dance me and mi madre decided to find some shirts for me and mi hermana(that means sister) to wear to the dance. So basically we never go to Walmart but we tried it anyway, and found success!! With only a few cuts to the shirt, and a little felt, we made wonderful and homemade tshirts!!!
This is what it originally looked like:
After all the Designing:
And this is the shirt in action(well partially, i guess we are all leaning against a wall):
Thank you to my Mom and these lovely people to take a picture with me so it would look like I have friends!!
Disclaimer: I just lied to you. Those are just 4 of my friends. I have bunches. I'm not bragging or anything though.

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