Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Cause it's Summer...

The Beach. The Sand. The Waves. The Sound. The Air. The Smell. The Laughter. The Games. The Friendship. The Sports. The Freedom. The Sun. The Weather. The Shorts. The Dresses. The Love. The People. The Colors. The Ice Cream. The Sandals. The Sunglasses. The Hats.
I ABSOLUTELY AM FREAKING IN LOVE WITH SUMMER!!! The Whole Deal, not just part of it, but the whole entirely season.
Because I've been the biggest slacker ever known to walk this earth(hehe I'm kiddin) I thought i would share with you a few summer memories I caught on film, or the handy-dandy digital camera that I sometimes want to kill.
1. Pardon My Immodesty
but check out these beauties!! When I found these in my madre's closet one day I about died. These lovely overalls make me feel like I'm in some Jenny Craig commercial saying: "I Just Lost 76lbs." To tell you the truth I have not been losing weight, but rather gaining it :(
(With the way I eat it is hard not to ha.)
2. Lovely Posters like these...
After a lovely day at the beach, I headed to Harbor House(a truly magnificent diner, if your ever in the area you should go there!) with a friend where we love looking at all the different posters as we eat our yummy, fattening food.. This one happens to say Destiny, which is a vital point used in many of the arguements I win 3. Teaching my Brother the Art of Photography...
and finding a picture like this(fantastic) taken by Him(a 9-year-old boy). I think he has a hidden talent because that picture was definitely not planned at all. The lighting is making me "green with jealous rage"-FAST: anyone know the quote? ANSWER: Hot Rod! AKA greatest (mormon) movie alive, but really it isn't a mormon movie 4. This No Makeup Goodness... This picture is definitely not the cutest but it shows my lovely freckles, lightened hair, and no makeup.. all results of the summer! Whoever wears makeup during summer is crazy, when your a real californian you take everyday you can get to go makeup free(which isn't always the best look for me)
5. Bathroom Pictures in Palm Springs...
ha. So basically I can't explain my love for this bathroom. Everytime my fam stays at this resort it's pretty normal for me and my sis to spend half the time in this sweaty, steamy, hot bathroom(which is half indoors and half outdoors.. Cool I know). Just one of the pictures we took after a lovely shower in the bathroom, yes that lovely lookin lady in the red bathin suit would be me
I have plenty more pictures to share eventually, but for now I'll take it a lil bit at a time... heading on a HUGE, GNARTATIOUS trek tomorrow after I hit up my skills at some volleyball yet again, maybe I'll actually be awake this time.. hmmm

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