Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It all Ended...

On July 15th at 12:01 and it was a very sad moment. Harry Potter has officially ended! After 8 long movies, it's officially over.
No, I will not being going to another Harry Potter Premiere.
Yes, I would really enjoy going to yet another premiere
The few times I've gone to a Harry Potter premiere I always go with my Favorite family(besides my own) the Bakers. They truly are amazing fans, and even had a sweet kick-off party the Saturday before where I dressed up as Luna Lovegood(sorta). It turned out like this:
So when we go to a premeiere there aren't just a few people, but rather the WHOLE ENTIRE theatre are out friends, and people we know. It's really cool just to realize you basically bought out the theatre, I know it's the only time that will ever happen for me. So at a premiere everyone pushes and shoves to get a good seat (ha. people are crazed by HP) and I ended up sitting by these two lovelies:

(Sheryl Hubbard and Emily Baker) I also was lucky enough to attend the Harry Potter Premiere of Part 1! To be completely honest I had only seen bits and pieces of the 1st few movies, but never a full one(I know I'm a fake fan) but I've seen every movie now!! And I'm starting to read the books, so I feel like a semi-real fan now. That premiere my friend Emily and I were together the whole time, but after the picture of us sitting down was taken we moved to somewhere cooler(ha. I only say that because we were by the parents). Here we are:

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