Monday, June 6, 2011

Hi I'm indie and my name is Mackenzie..

I really don't try to pull the whole style of "Indie" because I think being indie is dressing different from everyone else and expressing your style. My best friend Bleu is an example of Indie, first her name and second her clothing choices. Today she wore a leopard leotard with a random band t-shirt. Apparently I am dressed indie today though because my friend Jackson told me over 20 times, and he can be annoying.. Either way I wear clothes like this all the time, and I'm sure you are probably starting to get bored of my outfits, but either way this is what I wore today:
Shirt: Nordstrom Skirt: Nordstrom Rack Belt: Thrift Store Boots: DSW Shoes
I pretty much am obsessed with these boots
P.S. I did not forget to post this yesterday! Blogger wouldn't upload any of my pictures, so I had
to wait until now to be able to upload this

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The Bookness said...

Such a cute blog you got here, loving the green color. And you look great. Im your newest follower, and maybe youll visit me one day.