Sunday, June 5, 2011

You Have 2 Seconds...

Tonight we had our Scripture Mastery Scripture Chase. Oh the suspense when you are one of 15 people left.. All of our hands were shaking, and we were just waiting to flip open to the right page. Sadly, with 2 seconds to find the scripture D&C 10:5 I couldn't flip fast enough. Therefore resulting in me plus 8 other people losing that round. In the end trying to find a scripture in 1 second there was 4 winners, one including my best friend. Congratulations to him! I enjoyed seminary so much this year though!! After an hour or two of studying for the test that you have to get 100% to pass I did pass. Oh the joy of knowing I am awarded with the Huntington, Kimball, Grant Award.. This was a great year of Seminary and I am excited to start it again next year <3

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