Sunday, September 11, 2011

When the Lights Go Out...

Just this past Thursday I was at a neighboring high school playing a volleyball game, when the lights go out. Lame Sauce right? The worst part: Game was canceled, and I had to miss an hour of chemistry to get to that game! Anyways, after a bunch of traffic trying to get home from the high school, we decided to make pancakes for dinner on our gas stove(which is why we don't have an electric stove like my Grandma) and barbeque the hamburgers we were going to have for dinner. It was the most fantastic dinner in the history of starvation(not sure if that's spelled right??) for me. Basically, there was no power at my house from 3:30-11pm so the real major question is: What do you do during a power outage? We depend so much on electricity today that it is hard to find fun things to do when you can't use any of it. So this is what I did:
1st: Cell Phone- I drained my entire battery texting a bunch of people all night long, and I prayed the electricity would come on so that I wouldn't have a dead phone all day Friday
2nd:Books- Before the sun went down I read a lot of fun and interesting books
3rd:Hoping/Praying- I just kept waiting for a phone call saying school was canceled, but it didn't come until 9:00 which then meant Disneyland all day Friday!!
Basically, in the end, The power outage was very uneventful(besides the fact that my whole family almost died in a car accident, but that's another story) and totally worth EVERYTHING!!
Here's a funny picture to keep your spirits up:
Not entirely sure what this picture came from, but I found it on my camera when I uploaded my pictures and it made me laugh

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