Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Fashion Favorites

I know I've been lacking on my fashion posts, mainly because I'm at a complete stall with all fashion ideas. Occasionally I have these crazy random ideas, but put myself back to normal before I look like a freak in public. Now that school has started, I feel more obligated to dress cute everyday and actually wear makeup so therefore I will post more clothing items soon.
I wore this skirt on a pioneer trek just in the beginning of August, so trying to wear it again is a lot of pressure to make it look cute and normal. I think I did a pretty good job with it
Right now I have an all time favorite shirt, and a fabulous pair of shoes that I'm sort of obsessed with! The shirt looks like this:
Heritage 1981
And the shoes are the Sperry's shown in this post.
This Jeanish shirt thang is super easy to pair with some colorful jeans or tuck it in with a skirt, and it still looks completely fashionable. Honestly, I think I wear this shirt to often but it's so dang hot all the time that it's super hard to be fashionable! People hopefully don't recognize the shirt... until now ;) Anyways, here are some cute outfits where I have worn this shirt.
I wore this to my Highschool's 1st Football game of this school year. It was supposed to be a white out, but plain white shirt's are so boring, so I added this shirt and a cute colored pair of jeans.
I wore this to a church dance the other weekend, and absolutely love this outfit I put together in less than 5 seconds

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