Saturday, July 21, 2012

Do you hear the voice?

We hear the voice!
 EFY this year was absolutely amazing. I went to Santa Barbara with my sister and her friends, but I roomed alone in order to meet new people. We rode the train to Santa Barbara and back after the week was over, and I think the train made it so much more fun.
 My roommate's name was Margaret and she was pretty cool. She was training to hike the grand canyon rim to rim, and she completed it on Wednesday of this week. 
All of the girls in my company(which usually consists of 13 girls age 16-18. There are a lot of companies to make up one group)had come alone which made it easier to make new friends and not be cliquey. It ended up being super fun! One of the girls in our company pretended she was Russian the first day and I totally believed her the whole time until they made her tell the truth.
It ended up being a fantastic week filled with lots of fun/random events!
Escorting is a big deal for EFY... Everywhere you go you basically have to be
escorted by someone of the opposite gender haha

It was my counselor Greg's birthday the week before on the 4th but we celebrated it again
Funny story about my guy counselor: The first day we had our "welcoming" meeting where all of the counselors dance and sing, and basically make it seem like they are really cool(even if they aren't, but they usually are). He was sitting next to me during one of the videos and there was a beat playing in the background so he started free styling and coming up with his own words making sure that only I could hear. From that point on, I knew he was going to be the best.

The food was delicious...
This is my friend Max, he and I matched almost everyday but it wasn't on purpose

Ice cream every freaking meal. Mmmm

Before getting on the train to go to Santa Barbara
Reenacting Breaking Dawn

The girls in my company. They were all so amazing
My favorite girls, Courtney and Lora(she was the girl with the Russian accent )

This was basically all we did on the train because Brigham is super talented

Courtney and I with our counselor Cali on the last day
A bunch of kids during free time.
(From left to right: Jessica, Hunter, Emily, Me, Max, Lora)

We go crazy during lessons
(From left to right: Lora, Taryn, Hunter, Me)
No explanation, but we match again
We didn't know each other before this week but we had learned a bunch
about each other before from our friend Brandt, this kid's name is Blake

My roommate Meg. We almost forgot to get a picture together
Kory taught me some cords on the ukelele. He felt really cool

Some of the boys from my company
(From Left to Right: Max, Bailey, Me, Cole)

This kid became one of my favorites on the last day. His name is David
and he wants me to let you all know that he has swag

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