Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Life's Notes

My recent choice of morning wardrobe. My sister informed me a picture was necessary.
Sisters a few years ago in Hawaii

Dear Captain America,
You are by far my favorite super hero. I know you don't have the coolest powers, but you have the nicest body and you definitely use your powers to defeat the evil sources(does that even make sense??)

Dear Ma(trek mom that is),
Thanks for the workout today! Considering the fact I haven't worked out that hard since November, I know I will be sore tomorrow.

Dear Mothers who I worked out with today,
You are all definitely a lot more in shape than us 3 teenagers who were dying the whole time.

Dear Kiddos who I see every Monday and Wednesday,
I love you. And I love when you get into messes because it makes my job more fun. Especially when you love bouncy balls at each others heads, I seriously love it and will miss it when I go back to school.

Dear Businesses,
Sorry, but I am sticking to babysitting for a few more years for money. It's way too fun!

Dear Lauren,
Don't leave me again. You just came back after 3 weeks, and now you are going to HAWAII! No fair... I want to go too

Dear US Open,
I might have considered attending if I wasn't so dang white! But I guess that isn't your fault I can't tan..


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from head 2 toe said...

Awwww I miss my baby cousins! Now you are too old and too cool for me!