Friday, October 19, 2012

Life in the Lately

Now that school has started I have been crazy doing nothing. Literally, I get HW only on the weekends(which is actually pretty ridiculous and upsetting). But during the week I am too tired to sit down and write about the past few amazing weekends I have had.
Or the fact that I wish I was going to Six Flags for the first time ever with my friends on Saturday. 
Or that Spanish pretty much is the end of my high school career(and I was convinced this would be my first semester in high school with straight A's). 
Or that I have the funniest friends.
Or that in Anatomy we have our little group of 4 people and we sit around and  play LIFE when our teacher gives us time to talk(we are pretty competitive too).
Or that my seminary teacher is the best guy to ever come to this earth.
Or that I get scripture or christmas songs stuck in my head all day(The joys of being in choirs and having a cool seminary class).
Or how I have the PSAT on Saturday
Or how stressful, but beyond amazing life is with all of its challenges
Or how I wish it was Fall, oh if only I lived on the East Coast where seasons weren't unheard of.
BUT that doesn't get said much by me(even though I wish it did).
I guess you will have to do with just pictures of the past few amazing weekends in my life.

Oh you know, just a typical Friday night.
 Pooped from Seminary and school and sleeping at a party after our Homecoming
 football game. Damon and I were dead asleep while Krista chose to model on us.

Our Anti-Homecoming Adventure. Free Backstage passes to Hurley's Back to School concert,
 Escorted by the lovely Connor and joined by Kyle and Emmy. Twas' a fantastic night.

Beach Evenings with some Pedro's Tacos and my
best friend Lauren. We are some Hot chickas.

Also some late night parties with Sam, Will, and Lauren

Awesome thrift store finds with Madalyn and Krista

Madalyn, Krista, and I went to a concert to see the none other than Paradise Fears

This Merch seller was pretty amazing

An overview of the entire night
The lead singer from Paradise Fears with me

I basically made Madalyn's entire life by bringing her to this concert and
having him ask her to marry him. Just sayin' no big deal.

After we enjoyed a tee-peeing trip with my cousin and his friends

We saran wrapped the car too, it was a very grand job

General Conference. Nerds.

Oh you know, just typical excitement in Anatomy with Mason and Dylan

And a Friday night Disney trip

The lil' sis and I were twinners. So presh, and so many comments of "how adorable you two are!"

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