Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Funny Story.

Let me give you some background on how our school was built. Our school was built on a hill that has 2 lanes going up and only one going down. We all joke about how one day we are gonna get stuck on the hill since there's only one way in and out. We all predicted it would be because of a fire, but today we found out that was wrong.
At the bottom of this hill there is a ton of construction going on. I mean a bunch of new houses, road widening, and shopping centers that are all in the making(it takes about 30 minutes just to get to school).
Today we are just casually taking notes in History when the Principal speaks over the loud speaker and says "The construction workers hit a natural gas line on the corner of La Pata, Ortega, and Antonio. This means you can't leave until after they fix the repairs which could take a few hours."
Aghh. The whole class sighs. This basically ruined our whole day. All I can say is that we are still stuck in class, and we all just want to leave.
I guess I should be grateful that I have a car to drive home so when we finally get to leave I won't have to make my mom wait in a bunch of traffic just to get here. Also now the waterpolo game is canceled so I may be able to actually make my friend's last game. I am trying to find joy in the little things.

On another note, we have our stake Halloween dance tonight and I get to decorate the whole thing which I am beyond excited about. Here's a picture of our Pink-out football game supporting breast cancer:

(Matt, Me, Trevor, Andrew, Ryan, and Skyler)

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