Monday, October 22, 2012

My Cray Cray Mind

Our family pictures from this month

Dear Sweater Weather,
Isaac, Trevor, and I decided you are almost here. It's the best time of the year so I would hope you will stay for awhile.

Dear Rain, 
I absolutely loved waking up to you on Saturday, and I didn't mind sitting outside in the rain that night either.

Dear Sickness,
Go away please, and don't come back. Also, maybe you could fix my immune system because it seems to not be very good.

Dear San Juan Football Team,
The difference is amazing. I love how we actually have won most of our games this year. And also you better destroy Capo on Friday.

Dear Elder Shipp,
Your letter made me laugh out loud during seminary today. Can't wait to have you home in less than a month. You are the older brother I never had.

Lots and Lots of Genuine Love,

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Amy Sordes said...

Beautifull Picture *.*