Friday, April 6, 2012

FINALLY... My takes on the Hunger Games

WARNING: Although I hope that all of you have already seen this movie, I will still warn that there are a few spoiler alerts, but not too many. Actually, if you didn't see the movie or read that book then you won't understand one word.

In 2008, I sit in Pre-Algebra with Miss Love learning about PEMDAS or something, when I look over and see my friend Shannon intently reading a book. I asked her about it and our conversation went like this:
Me: "Hey, is that book good?? Because you look like you love it."
Shannon: "Well, my mom picked this up for me at the bookstore because it is supposed to be good, but it sounds really weird."
Me: "Then why are you reading it?"
Shannon: "It's sort of addicting to read."
I come home that day and the first thing I do, is look the book up online and I find out it came out that week. I quickly headed to the bookstore and picked myself up a copy. Boy did I fall in love with the WHOLE ENTIRE book. It took me about 2 days, and I am a slow reader, to read the book but I also didn't do any school work during that time. The book was Hunger Games, and I really loved the whole thing. I was seriously trying to figure out how to live my life while trying to wait for the next book, Catching Fire
After Catching Fire came out, more people started to read it and I knew for a fact there would be a movie. I could not wait for it to come out. Anyways, here are my thoughts on the amazing movie.

First, when watching a movie that is based on a book you can't have high expectations. I went into this movie excited to see the whole thing, but I wasn't expecting it to be the best movie in the world. I mean come on, You can't have the BEST book ever and the BEST movie ever.. Well at least I thought you couldn't.

Let's chat about my lovely friend Peeta Mellark, and how absolutely amazing he is in this ENTIRE movie. He isn't good for one scene here and there, it was the whole movie, for which I am grateful.

I loved when he first said he had a crush on Katniss. My heart melted, and to know that it wasn't scripted made is a whole lot better.

His face when they first call his name made me fall onto my knees laughing... Just kidding, but seriously it was amazing and funny. It wasn't until the second viewing of this movie though that I realized his face is in disbelief at the irony of the whole situation. I mean, if you have been wishing this girl would notice you for forever, and this is how it happened, wouldn't you have the same facial expression? I know I would.
 I could keep talking about Peeta, but it would take up three posts so I will control myself and just end there but honestly he was lovely.

Next on the list was CATO. I mean bear with me, but I am a teenage girl and no matter how "evil" a character is supposed to be, I will still swoon over them if they are gorgeous. They seriously should not have made Cato attractive in any way because it mixes with our teenage hormones and brainwashes us into liking him, when really we liked Peeta all along. 
I am just really grateful he looked ugly with blood on his face at the very end right before he died, and that he seemed a lot "different". I think he finally decided he "didn't want to be changed by the games" just like Peeta didn't want.

Lets talk about the "Storm Trooper" officials now. They seriously reminded me of storm troopers in Star Wars, and it would not have been bad if I wasn't learning about the holocaust in History right now. Since Star Wars got the name Storm Troopers from the Germans, the whole set-up of the capital and districts makes it seem similar to the holocaust since they officials were dressed like "Storm Troopers". I don't know if Suzanne Collins meant for us to compare concentration camps with the districts further away from the capital(ex.10,11,12) but you can definitely apply your own interpretation of that which helps to show the hardships these districts went through.

Finally, lets discuss Katniss Everdeen and how I love that they casted an actress without  main leads in any other movie. I was never worried once she would do bad, and she didn't. She did an absolute perfect job, especially when Rue dies(and how she shot the boy her killed her super fast!!!) and after that when you can tell she feels there is no reason to live anymore when her whole world is being torn apart by these "games". It isn't until they announce that 2 people can win if they are from the same district that she realizes she will live to save Peeta

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have a sort of rocky relationship/friendship throughout this whole movie, but honestly that cave scene gave me serious swoon. I almost died from how heavenly their make out and spooning sesh were. I love in the end though when they are getting interviewed by Ceasar Flickerman again, and they hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes. It is gorgeous. Beyond words gorgeous.

And absolutely Finally, 
Happy Hunger Games!!
"And May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor"
I seriously love their sign of honor. I practically do it everyday to some other Hunger Games nerd, or when I am driving home from school and see my friend next to me... That's my favorite.


Becca and Derek said...

Good reasons...but how did you not love the braid touch?!?!

Kenzie said...

I didn't even notice how much it was perfect until the second time I watched it, but it was amazing,, you are right.. I should have put that in!!