Monday, April 2, 2012

My Life's Notes

I love to follow some Bloggers out there, and one of them does a segment called "Life's Little Notes" where she writes notes to herself. I decided I should do this for more experience.

A few "cute" pictures of me on some random Saturday night a few weeks ago

Dear Hunger Games fans,
Yes, I went to the premiere of the the movie, and no I haven't seen it twice to post my lovely thoughts on it. I promise it is coming soon though.

Dear Self,
Why do I always act so dumb around boys? They are only people like you except they are just a little bit more manly.

Dear Neighbors,
I loved dinner last night! It was absolutely delicious, and it felt like Thanksgiving.. Lucky for you my family never got to have a good Thanksgiving feast last year.

Dear English Teacher,
Your baby is really cute, but seriously do we really have to write an essay on A Tale of Two Cities?? I read the book and I think that should be enough.

Dear Self(again),
Stop getting really excited and hurting yourself. Saturday night was bad, and you really don't like the gnar bruises you have on your knee caps or the bruise on your finger.

Dear Mormons,
Didn't you love General Conference this weekend?? My favorite session was the Saturday morning one. If you didn't see them, you can watch them here.

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Becca and Derek said...

Excited for your hinger games
Thoughts!! Mine are up- did you read them??