Monday, April 16, 2012

My Life's Notes

In the theatre before the Hunger Games premiere

Waiting in line, I was extremely tired

I am like the boys when it comes to food... Always ready to eat

Dear Spring Break,
Did you have to go by so fast?? I will agree though that I had the best time, and yet no pictures to document any of it.

Dear Teachers,
I love that I did not have to do any HW over break. I am really grateful for this.

Dear Everyone Reading This,
A sweet little girl in my church passed away this past week. Her funeral services were last night and today. We all only knew her for almost 7 years, but she was the sweetest little girl who always looked "fancy". She over to read books, and she had the cutest smile. If you want to see some cute videos and photos of her go here

Dear Brides,
Both weddings I went to this weekend were gorgeous. People need to keep getting married so I can get more inspiration.

Dear Weather,
LOVE YOU!! I wish I could head to the beach everyday this week.

Dear Week, 
Be good to me. I'm still coming back from a ridiculously amazing break, and would appreciate it greatly if nothing too intense occurs.


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