Monday, May 14, 2012

My Life's Notes


2 story hotel rooms without parents rock

Dear Me,
Stop eating chocolate while you write this. You aren't even a fan of chocolate.

Dear Sunday School teacher,
You are pretty cool. And the fact you were on Broadway with Les Miserables is so freaking awesome.

Dear Weather,

Dear Chocolate milk,
Every morning I am woken up by the deliciousness that you are. So basically I love chocolate milk with a large passion.

Dear Disneyland passholders,
Boy am I jealous of you right now. I seriously just want to go to Disneyland and enjoy the rides and pretty scenery with everyone, but then I have to remind myself: "Mackenzie, you are broke. It isn't good to want things, especially a Disneyland pass, when you have no money because then you get sad"

Dear Debate partner,
You'll probably win considering I am just browsing the internet when I should be coming up with great arguments, so I'l just say your welcome now :)

Lots of Love,

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