Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Life's Notes(Late yet again)

I have extremely hot friends

I got a spray tan once... It looked good for about 2 days, then I was scrubbing hard

Dear AP Students,
Thank you so much for having a bunch of AP tests this week. Since I'm in advanced classes, but not AP I am able to take it easy and sleep in class. Heaven.

Dear Seminary Sub,
You are really cool, and you will be even cooler if you bring your wife in on "bring your wife to seminary day" created by Maddie.

Dear Boys,
I be loving me some bow ties. The end.

Dear Hair,
You really annoy me a lot.

Dear Pinterest,
Boy are you my favorite. I'm addicted to pinterest and instagram. Follow me at @kenzibrooke for instagram and kenzibjones for Pinterest.

Dear Skin,
Stop being so white. It's embarrassing, and I'm ready to have pretty, tan legs.

Dear Everyone,
Live in the present, and forget the past.


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