Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome to Utah(AKA Land of the Mormons)

Last Tuesday on April 24,2012, My aunt passed away from cancer after a long battle. Even though we knew she was going to pass away soon, it was still really sad to the whole family. Her husband, wrote a lovely little blog post about her passing here if you would like to read it, and her whole battle experience is written here.
A short summary would be that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and from her radiation she got a brain tumor which ultimately was what caused her passing. Through all of the trials she stood strong, and was always positive. Her journey is one of strength. She left behind her husband, daughter, and 3 sons.
This weekend though, my family went to her funeral in Centerville, Utah on Monday. It was a beautiful service.
Here is my Aunt's casket at the Cemetery with her husband, daughter, and 3 sons

At the luncheon after the funeral

Since we drove 11 hours to Utah, we found all the time we could get to go visit some of the newly remodeled areas in Salt Lake City. Here are some pictures in the new shopping center that was recently remodeled:

Everyone, but Mom

My sister and I

Our whole family in front of the Salt Lake City Temple

A cool water feature that makes it look like you are standing in the water

Temple again

The car ride home consisted of LOLLIPOPS

We had a 2 story Hotel room... No Biggie

We did think it was pretty cool though, especially because our parents were on the other side of the hotel ;)

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