Monday, May 16, 2011

Malfunction Monday

Dear Bloggers,
I am so jealous of all of your blogs now a days because you have one day of the week dedicated for your fashion. I personally love trying new styles, and I have had this want to do the same thing as you. But I honestly had no idea what to call it. That's when I couldn't wait any longer today and decided "Malfunction Monday" was going to be the name because how often do you wear an outfit and know that nothing is wrong with it?? It never happens to me, even if nobody else can see the problem. So for the past few days I have come up with 2 of my favorite outfits from my closet.
Outfit #1:
I like this outfit because it is super cute and I love the colors! My camera lighting is horrible in this picture, so it's hard to see the colors but they are super pretty.
I would wear this to school or maybe a Mo Mo Dance.
One thing wrong with this outfit, is the shirt is sorta short so it doesn't tuck into the skirt very well.
Top: Nordstrom Skirt: H&M Necklaces: Charlotte Russe and Tai Pan Trading Shoes:DSW(Not shown, combat style)
Outfit #2
I love wearing black, grey, and red together so I was pretty much in love with this outfit when I paired it together.
I would wear this to church(maybe) and a Mormon dance
One thing wrong with this skirt is the belt doesn't stay down around the skirt.
Top: Macy's Skirt:Bought from a thrift store Belt: H&M
Malfunction Monday is definitely a GO so make sure to look at my new styles every week!! Love,


Becca and Derek said...

Cute- LOVE the blog title! That should be MINE! ha ha I break so many rules!

Ashley Slater said...

love your outifts! I have been in a fashion rut for quite some time now. ugh.

lovely blog!

Adventures of Newlyweds

Young People in Love said...

Ok, so I just stumbled across your blog and had to tell you that your are just totally adorable! LOVE your style, too!