Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Malfunction Monday

I am now posting my Monday fashion, and yes you have your days right. It is Tuesday! But I still really love this outfit so I had to post it. This weekend/yesterday I was busy redecorating my bedroom. It's a work in progress, but I'm excited about the results. All I have left is to hang the cork boards, sew the curtains, and make the secret decor. Super excited to see the Final result, and I promise it will be posted about. Anyways, my outfit for the week happens to be a little Indian, since the style is very in fashion:
Top: Forever 21 Sweater: Gap Skirt: ASOS Belt: Gap
I love the pattern on this skirt! The picture is a little blurry and does the skirt no justice at all though
I really like the ruffle with cardigan style right now
The problem with this outfit is the skirt is really hard to walk in without taking small steps, which is hard for me to do. Also, The belt was added because the skirt makes my hips look super wide, and not very good looking!!


piedee said...

Is this the skirt that you had on when you were moving the bookshelf?

Kenzie said...

Mhmm and it definitely almost ripped hahaha